About Us

Velo Mobile Health, Inc. (VMH) is on a mission to revolutionize the world of healthcare communication and transform the delivery of healthcare by harnessing the power of mobile technology. Our goal is to envision, create and market healthcare applications that are accessible and deliverable via mobile devices and the Internet at affordable prices for healthcare and healthcare related professionals across the globe.


Velo Mobile Health (VMH) is the creation of Zakir Hussain. He imagined, created, founded and incorporated Velo Mobile Health in Toronto, Canada in 2012. No stranger to technology start-ups, Mr. Hussain is also the founder of VeloSolutions (founded in 2000), a telecommunications wholesaler based in Toronto and Pharmavida S.A. (founded in 2011), a pharmaceutical distributor incorporated and based in Guatemala.

Leveraging the expertise and capital of VeloSolutions and Pharmavida S.A., Velo Mobile Health delivers affordable mobile-centric solutions to the healthcare industry across the globe. The Velo Mobile Health solutions team has over thirty years of cumulative experience in SMS value added services and software development.

Although Velo Mobile Health can be accessed from traditional fixed Internet connections it has been customized to work more effectively in environments where mobile is the primary mode of accessing the Internet. By leveraging the power of mobile technology VMH is able to circumvent weak landline-based Internet access or lack of landlines altogether and without the need for computers, servers, wiring, physical security and energy costs, the cost of implementation is very low. Affordable state-of-the-art healthcare communications and delivery solutions are now available in both developed and developing nations.

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