Employing cutting edge mobile technology Velo Mobile Health (VMH) is able to offer countries around the world access to the latest in healthcare communications and healthcare delivery innovation. We've removed the traditional barriers to entry, making it affordable and possible for healthcare professionals to take advantage of VMH's state-of-the-art mobile technology. Now healthcare and healthcare related professionals in Canada and developing nations including Guatemala, Bangladesh, and India are able to be part of the VMH revolution in healthcare communications and healthcare delivery.

Typically the barriers to entry have been the lack of robust landline-based Internet or lack of landlines and the cost factor. However, leveraging the power of mobile technology VMH is able to circumvent weak landline-based Internet access or lack of landlines altogether, and without the need for computers, servers, wiring, physical security and energy costs, the cost of implementation is very low.

VMH clients include but are not limited to:

Doctors Psychologists Dentists
Pharmacists Diagnostic Labs Orthodontists
Denturologists Optometrists Medical Offices/Clinics
Paramedical Offices/Clinics Chiropractors Acupuncturists
Massage Therapists Naturopaths Alternative Practitioners
Nutritionists Physical Therapy Clinics Veterinarians

Velo Mobile Health has transformed the world of healthcare communications and delivery and made it available at affordable prices. Contact VMH today to discover how we can meet the needs of your practice.