Velo Mobile Health (VMH) is revolutionizing the world of healthcare communications and transforming the delivery of healthcare in countries across the globe. We offer a unique, robust, secure mobile-based communication system designed to streamline and improve efficiency in any healthcare or healthcare related practice. VMH operates on a highly secure, private, encrypted Cloud. What is Cloud computing? Via an internet connection you can access applications, files, or data you stored in the Cloud anytime, anywhere, from any device - cell phone, smartphone, tablet, or PC. VMH provides many exciting features which include but are not limited to:

  • By leveraging mobile networks VMH circumvents weak landline-based Internet access or lack of landlines altogether
  • Accessible via cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and PC
  • Does not require onsite computers, external drives and servers that require substantial physical space, electrical wiring and output, and physical security
  • VMH hosts the software remotely and performs back-end upgrades and refinements
  • Customizable for individual markets - e.g. language, measurements, regulations
  • Replaces paper record keeping in medical offices with electronic and automated capture, storage and transmission of medical records
  • Medical professionals can quickly and efficiently access detailed data of each patient's medical history
  • All doctors in the VMH network can seamlessly transmit records to each other quickly and efficiently via SMS and a private privilege Cloud based medical network within the VDoctor™ mhealth platform
  • VMH maintains strict data communications and privacy protocols
  • VMH complies with the PIPA (Patient Information Protection Act) regulations of Canada and the HIPPA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) regulations of the U.S.A.
  • VMH adheres to the privacy and security regulations and policies of each country in which we operate

For detailed information on the specific features of the VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System, VEMR, VPharma, VMonitor,  VInsurance, VBill, Vlabs and/or VMedicine, consult their individual pages. Contact VMH today to find out how our revolutionary system can significantly impact your healthcare or healthcare related practice.