Zakir Hussain - BA, MBA Marketing
Founder, Chairman, President and CEO

Zakir Hussain is the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of Velo Mobile Health. He is also the President and CEO of VeloSolutions, a telecommunications wholesaler based in Toronto and the founder of Pharmavida S.A., a pharmaceutical distributor incorporated and based in Guatemala. Mr. Hussain has served as founder and CEO of JustSolar Corporation, Director of Marketing at CDI Education Corporation and Analyst at Venture Development Corporation. In addition to his impressive credentials, Mr. Hussain is fluent in English, Italian and Bengali and he possesses a working knowledge of Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and French.

"I am truly excited at the possibility of transforming the healthcare system and improving the overall quality of healthcare. Our solutions are effective, affordable and practical, improving services for both patients and healthcare stakeholders. My conversations with doctors and patients energize me and make me more passionate than ever about our technology. Velo Mobile Health is the marriage of the best of communications, collaboration and sharing that establish a blue print for transforming health systems around the world".