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Velo Mobile Health, a Toronto-based company, has designed an entire mobile medical platform with a novel approach based on secure two-way text messaging. What this means for doctors is that they, and their patients, can communicate securely back and forth on any old cellphone, not just smartphones, without having to download apps or do anything else. Recognized by eHealth Ontario for innovative technology, Velo Mobile has built a suite of mobile products for scheduling, referrals and more.


“Very few doctors actually use text messaging because most of the text messaging solutions available in North America are one-way messaging,” says CEO Zakir Hussain


The company’s mission is to simplify doctor-patient communications, and in particular, to make mobile medical systems affordable in developing countries where most of the population is equipped with cellphones, but not Web-enabled smartphones.


Velo Mobile’s mobile platform, called VDoctor, offers many features based on two-way communications, says Hussain. A key feature is a completely automated scheduling system. It allows doctors to maintain a mobile calendar of all their appointments, and to prioritize and manage them. On the patient side, people can search their doctor’s schedule and send a text to make automated appointments without the intervention of a receptionist. Automated text alerts and reminders are sent to ensure they show up for their appointments.


This reduces the vast quantities of time medical staff spend booking and rescheduling appointments, says Hussain. “We save doctors a lot of money, because we reduce the time receptionists spend on this by about 20 to 30 percent, and improve their efficiency. And in the case of a doctor who has several receptionists, we can potentially eliminate one entire receptionist completely.”

Unlike dentists, most doctors’ offices don’t even call to remind patients about their appointments because staff are too busy – but this is a costly omission. Hussain says VDoctor could save the Ontario government almost $500 million annually just by issuing appointment reminders, because this reduces the dead time the government pays for anyways when patients don’t show up.


“We studied what the UK government did in their healthcare system when it implemented a very simple system of text reminders for their patients. By doing that, the World Health Organization estimated that the UK saved $1 billion.”


VDoctor also offers integrated mobile EMR, e-referral and e-prescription features based on cell phone communications protocols – but it’s not suitable for Canada, which has substantial landline and other existing communications infrastructure.


However, Velo Mobile is showcasing the full potential of its integrated two-way cellphone communications platform in Guatemala, which has a population of 14.5 million. Although few Guatemalans have smart phones, 100 percent of the population has cellphones.


“Every person has an average of two mobile phones – mobile service is cheap in Guatemala and many developing countries. But in Canada, I believe only 80 percent of the population has mobile phones.”


Guatemala has gone directly to cellphones for mass communications, so it isn’t encumbered with non-digital legacy landline infrastructure or a mish-mash of phone networks. Interestingly, this makes implementing a next-generation mobile medical network far more feasible than in Canada, says Hussain.


“In Guatemala, we have aligned with the local mobile carrier to ensure that our doctor-patient messaging system is available in the market. And at present, we have signed contracts for over 320 doctors into our system.”


Velo Mobile is building a national medical information network from the ground up, where all records are easily accessible, shared with privacy protections, and updated simultaneously, says Hussain. “We’re starting off all our doctors with the VDoctor patient messaging system, since appointments are the first point of contact between a patient and a doctor.”


An appointment typically results in a prescription or a diagnostic exam, so these are the next steps and pieces in the system. “We are creating V-Pharma, which is basically electronic prescriptions and we’re putting in all the registered drugs in the country in the system, along with all the benefits and the side effects of the drugs. Also, appointments often result in requisitions for lab tests. So we’re connecting the diagnostic lab tests into the system.”


A repository is needed to hold all this patient information, so VDoctor is connected with a cloud-based EMR. “Our EMR system is tying the prescriptions, labs and so on into the historical medical record of the patient. And another typical step is a referral to a specialist, so our system makes ereferrals. In our system, every doctor who’s part of the VDoctor network will be easily able to share and collaborate and work on patient files, and everybody in the system will be automatically updated.”


The company has also partnered with Samsung to capture and relay vital signs electronically. “We are working to equip every doctor with a tablet device. These devices will communicate easily with the mobile EMR, and will also serve as diagnostic devices by taking readings of pressure, blood sugar and so on and relaying them back to the EMR where we will provide everything in a consolidated location.”


Expanding the medical network outside Guatemala can potentially be easily accomplished, he says. “We’re creating a solution that is localized not just for Guatemala, but essentially for all of Central America and potentially all Latin America. And we’re building it as much as possible to international standards, so if we have to adjust to the Canadian system, we can.”


Velo Mobile’s network is rapidly expanding, and Hussain says he expects most Guatemalan doctors will be up and running on VDoctor in 2013. “Within the next six months, we expect to have almost 2,000 doctors in our system. We believe our solution will really open the eyes of doctors in Canada to the possibilities of better service, better care and a more patient-focused system built on mobile communications.”





Toronto, Canada June 6, 2013 – Velo Mobile Health, a revolutionary healthcare communications company, is proud to announce that VDoctor™, our Mobile-based Patient Messaging and Scheduling System, has officially launched in Canada at the e-Health Showcase that took place at the Ottawa Convention Centre from May 26 – May 29, 2013. VDoctor™ is already being used very successfully in Canada by a select group of doctors pre-launch and now is available to the Canadian healthcare community.


“The VDoctor™ demos created quite a stir at e-Health Showcase”, says Zakir Hussain, President and CEO of Velo Mobile Health. “Everyone was amazed at the capabilities of VDoctor™ to save healthcare professionals time and money while significantly improving efficiencies”. Dr. Karen Kassabian, a VDoctor™ user reports that, “The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System has ensured 100% show-up of our patients, improving patient satisfaction more than any other initiative we have undertaken in my practice”.


VDoctor™ can be used by a single doctor or clinic and can be scaled up for use by hospitals or multiple hospitals. It stands head and shoulders above any medical App-based services available in the marketplace today that only reach 20-30% of mobile users because they are limited by the operating system. Working in partnership with WIND Mobile, only VDoctor™ has the ability to reach 100% of patients, enabling 2-way communications via SMS to all mobile users. Contact Velo Mobile Health for a demonstration of this remarkable product and see the difference that VDoctor™ can make in your practice or hospital.


Velo Mobile Health Has Been Selected to Present at the

HIMSS Health IT Angel Venture Fair, New Orleans,

Louisiana on March 6th, 2013

Toronto, Canada February 25, 2013 - Velo Mobile Health, a cutting edge Mobile Health IT company, is proud to announce that we have been chosen to present at the HIMSS 13 Annual Conference & Exhibition on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana.


This event is a unique initiative that brings entrepreneurs and business backers together for developing technologies that transform healthcare. Velo Mobile Health is one of only thirteen (13) early-stage health IT companies selected to present. "Our selection to present at such a prestigious event validates that Velo Mobile Health is indeed a trailblazer at the forefront of Mobile Health technology", states Zakir Hussain, President and CEO of Velo Mobile Health. "We are on track to completely revolutionize the world of healthcare communication and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our healthcare applications to potential investors".


We invite fellow attendees, investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals to attend our presentation on Wednesday, March 6 so that we can share our vision for the future of healthcare with you.


Velo Mobile Health’s VDoctor Network is Now Live in Guatemala

Toronto, Canada December 1, 2012 - Velo Mobile Health's VDoctor network officially went live in Guatemala on November 15th, 2012 in soft launch mode. Our products are ideal for Guatemala where the number of mobile phones greatly exceeds the number of fixed lines.
It has been reported that every resident has one and sometimes two mobile phones.


"One of the goals of Velo Mobile Health is to harness the power of mobile technology and use it to improve health outcomes worldwide. This is of great importance in developing nations like Guatemala where cutting edge technology has not been available at affordable prices, until now. We recognize the great need for products like Velo Mobile Health's VDoctor network in Guatemala", states Zakir Hussain, President & CEO of Velo Mobile Health. This sentiment has also been expressed by some of Guatemala's most illustrious citizens. "Dear Zak, your project is great. Hopefully we will have it soon. Thank you, R. Espada" - Dr Rafale Espada Former Vice President of Guatemala and Dean of the University of Francisco Marroquin's Medical College. "The VDOCTOR program is an important innovation for Guatemala which promises to significantly change the culture of medical care in our country. The feedback we have received from our demos to the medical community has been extremely positive", says Desiree Asencio, General Manager of Pharmavida.


Partnering with Tigo Mobile, the largest operator in Guatemala, we have been able to bundle mobile Internet at significantly discounted prices to doctors. All doctors who sign a three year contract with Velo Mobile Health receive a free Android 9.7 inch tablet device which has been customized for Velo Mobile Health. Pharmavida SA is the official, exclusive distributor of VDoctor in Guatemala. We're looking forward to expanding our reach in Guatemala and revolutionizing the world of healthcare communications.

Velo Mobile Health has been selected to present at HIMSS Mobile Venture Fair at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC

Toronto, Canada November 30, 2012 – Velo Mobile Health, a company that is revolutionizing the world of healthcare communication and transforming the delivery of healthcare, is proud to announce that in addition to exhibiting, we have been chosen to present at the mHealth Summit on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington DC. This event, the largest of its kind, brings together leaders in government, private sector, public sector, not-for-profits and academics whose focus is advancing the use of wireless technology for the betterment of health outcomes. 


Being selected to present at such a prestigious summit serves to validate that our business model, our software and our approach are on target to solving some of the pressing healthcare challenges of our time. As Zakir Hussain, President and CEO of Velo Mobile Health states, "Our goal is to envision, create and market healthcare applications that are accessible and deliverable via mobile devices and the Internet at affordable prices for healthcare and healthcare related professionals across the globe, improving health outcomes".


We invite you to visit us at Booth # 828 at the mHealth Summit from December 3 – 5, 2012 and to attend our presentation on Wednesday, December 5. We look forward to sharing our ideas with the world.