What is VBill?

VBill is a mobile enabled invoicing and accounting module for doctors. Old fashioned paper billing and accounting is a thing of the past with VBill. Leveraging the power of mobile networks our VPN Protected Mobile feature routes data behind firewalls to ensure security and privacy.

What can VBill do?

  • Replaces the mailing of paper bills
  • Eliminates the need for labour intensive, time consuming paperwork
  • More accurate reporting
  • Includes a current balance indicator for each patient
  • Bills a patient only upon successful SMS delivery of a billing statement
  • Electronic cash processing
  • Minimizes human error
  • VBill seamlessly integrates with VDoctor™, VEMR, VMonitor, VPharma, VLabs, and VMedicine for a comprehensive healthcare management system

What are the benefits of VBill?

  • Saves money
  • Reduces costs due to the implementation of more efficient procedures
  • Quicker turn around on payments
  • Cuts collection time
  • Allows users to make transactions over the Internet in real time
  • Enhanced security - reduces the flow of personal information from unsecured mailboxes
  • Reduces identity fraud
  • Eco-friendly
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Why waste time and money with paper billing and archaic accounting procedures when you can implement VBill simply and affordably? Contact us today to learn how our mobile technology can provide you with a state of the art invoicing and accounting system.