Benefits of the VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System

The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System, part of the VDoctor Platform, is an extraordinary patient communication system that can prove invaluable to any medical or healthcare practice. VDoctor™ is entirely scalable – everyone from a single doctor to multiple clinics or multiple hospitals can use it.

Increase Productivity: Is your office presently calling patients to book appointments? If so, how much time is wasted making calls, leaving messages and returning calls? This is valuable time that could be spent on more productive, income generating pursuits. The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System sends SMS, email, or voice mail and these messages can be pre-programmed up to one year in advance. The auto appointment feature allows patients to book their own appointments.

Improve Efficiency: Reach your patients where they are – on their mobile phones sending SMS. The world has gone mobile and so have your patients. In fact 8 trillion text messages were sent in 2011. All VDoctor™ communications are secure – password protected and fully encrypted. Each doctor can set up their own profile or profile of their clinic in the system including all pertinent information – administrative controls (doctors can assign individual administrative access to staff members who will each have their own passwords), office hours, lunch breaks, holidays, allotted time per appointment – making entering appointments into the calendar a breeze for staff and patients alike.

Enhance the Patient Experience: The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System enables enhanced patient communication making it simple for patients to reach your staff and vice versa. Frustrating games of telephone tag will be a thing of the past. Patients can schedule their own appointments (the doctor’s office will provide instructions).

Communicate with the Hearing Impaired: SMS and email are ideal for communicating with the hearing impaired. Hearing impaired includes those with hearing loss and many seniors who have difficulty hearing, especially on the telephone.

The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System offers clear, concise messaging with little opportunity for misunderstandings. Text is also easier to understand in any diverse population where multiple languages are spoken. Contact us today to see how VDoctor™ can increase productivity, improve efficiency and enhance the patient experience in your practice.