The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System - features that will increase efficiency and improve productivity.

The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System, part of the VDoctor Platform, is a dynamic patient communication system with incredible capabilities that will simplify the administrative work associated with your practice while saving you time and money. VDoctor™ is entirely scalable – everyone from a single doctor to multiple clinics or multiple hospitals can use it. All VDoctor™ communications are secure – password protected and fully encrypted. Data is stored in a high security facility and SSL is used for data transfers. Here are just a few of the features that will increase efficiency and improve productivity in any healthcare facility.

Instead of making calls, leaving messages, waiting for patients to call back, and returning calls use the VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System:

  • Send SMS to single/multiple patients
  • Send SMS to single/multiple groups
  • Send SMS as E-mail
  • SMS Template Management
  • Patients can schedule their own appointments (doctor’s office will provide instructions)
  • Browser independent

Instead of working from a paper agenda/date book that is labour intensive and entirely based on manual entries, use the VDoctor™  Appointment Scheduling System:

  • Contacts can be exported from Outlook
  • Integrated messaging
  • Multiple doctor appointment management
  • Month/Week/Daily view of calendar
  • Add/Delete/Update the appointments
  • Create/Update/Delete the appointment reminders
  • One-click multi-day or multi-time appointment scheduler


Instead of a paper-based administrative processes use the VDoctor™ Practice Administration and simplify your processes:

  • Multi-user Logins
  • User Profile Management
  • Schedule Management
  • View Existing/Pending Schedules
  • Trash Management with restore and permanent delete option
  • Help

Instead of paper billing and snail mail use the VDoctor™ Billing where information is available online:

  • Current balance indicator
  • Billing only on successful SMS delivery
  • Credit refund on failed SMS

All sensitive data is encrypted. The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System is not only simple to use, it is extremely affordable for any practice. Take a step into the future where your practice processes will be simplified and many functions automated. Contact us today to discuss your practice needs.