VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System – How it Works

The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System, part of the VDoctor platform, is a unique mobile-based communication system with the ability to send private 2-way SMS (Short Message Service meaning that text messages can be sent and received), email, and voice mail to your patients individually, or to groups of patients. VDoctor™ is entirely scalable – everyone from a single doctor to multiple clinics or multiple hospitals can use it. It features a user-friendly interface, making it extremely user friendly.


Each doctor can set up their own profile or profile of their clinic in the system including all pertinent information – administrative controls (doctors can assign individual administrative access to staff members who will each have their own passwords), office hours, lunch breaks, holidays, allotted time per appointment – making entering appointments into the calendar a breeze for staff and patients alike. Yes, patients can book their own appointments using the calendar. Contacts can be imported into VDoctor from Outlook.

Go to the Login page

Enter your User Name and Password and click Login to navigate to the Calendar.

Each doctor has his/her own Calendar. You can view the Calendar by the month, week, or day. You can view all of the appointments for any date by selecting the date.
To enter an appointment:

    • Click on the date to be scheduled to navigate to the Add Event screen.

    • Populate the following fields: Reminder, Doctor (can be changed), Flag (Important, Medium, Low), Subject and click Add.
    • To select Start Time and End Time put your mouse in the space beside Start Time or End Time and a pop-up box will appear.

    • Enter the time and click Done.
    • The appointment will now appear in the Calendar.
    • You can schedule a Recurrence - Daily, Weekly, Monthly or None for a single appointment.
    • Reminders are sent by SMS. If SMS is not available the receptionist will get a reminder to contact the patient.
    • Hover your mouse over an appointment to see the description.

      To Update or Delete an appointment:

      • Click on the appointment to navigate to the Update Delete screen.

      • Make the appropriate changes and click Update or Delete.

      To send SMS:

      • Populate the fields in the Send SMS screen.
      • If you want to send an email in addition to a SMS check the box beside Send as Email?.
      • If you have made an error click Clear and start again. Click Send when complete.

      The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System offers a simple and cost effective way to create and manage your patient database. It can be accessed securely by your approved office staff anywhere from any mobile or Internet connected device. With a variety of menu options you can:

      • Send SMS – individual or group
      • Schedule SMS Alerts
      • Pre-schedule messages up to one year in advance
      • Create Contacts
      • Create Groups
      • Create Templates
      • View Templates
      • View Billing
      • Make Online Payments

      There is no special skill or technological background required for creating your patient database. Any member of your staff will find the process extremely simple and user-friendly.

      To create your database:

      • Click on Add Contact in the Menu on the left hand side of the page.
      • Populate the Add Contact fields. If you have made an error click Clear and start again. Click Add when complete.
      • To create your database, continue to add your patient population to the list of contacts.

      The VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System is an innovative system that offers everything a busy practice requires. It is an advanced patient communication system that helps you to create a patient database, an appointment scheduling system with integrated messaging, offers templates to further simplify communication, online payments and billing. Contact us today to see firsthand what the VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System can do for your practice.