What is VEMR?

VEMR is a portable electronic medical records system that is accessible from anywhere using mobile enabled technology, 24/7. These electronic records may exist in any medically approved format including Word documents, PDFs, Texts, SMS, Pictures, Digital X-rays, Audio, and Video. Access is restricted and controlled; data is secure. VEMR allows users to transmit records to each other quickly and efficiently via SMS and seamlessly via a private privilege cloud based medical network within the VDoctor™ mhealth platform.

What can VEMR do?

VEMR is a powerful product that captures information for all activities related to the medical diagnosis and care giving processes including but not limited to:

  • Patient Health Records (PHR) can be created and updated
  • Once a PHR is updated the system automatically saves the changes and updates the VEMR for all members of the medical support team
  • Generates lab requests and transmits them to the labs
  • Lab reports can be scanned, uploaded and stored
  • Doctors' diagnoses can be recorded
  • Doctors can write prescriptions and send those prescriptions to pharmacists and/or patients
  • Doctors' notes related to patients, office practices, equipment, etc. can be scanned, uploaded and stored
  • Doctors can make referrals using a standardized template

What are the benefits of VEMR?

  • Low cost implementation
  • Accessible on large screen mobile devices including tablets
  • Easily transferrable between users of VDoctor™ Patient Messaging System
  • Improves accuracy
  • VEMR is cloud based and always synchronized with the latest data
  • Automatic back up
  • User friendly interface
  • Intuitive functionality
  • Integrated with the Medical Calendar and Messaging System to deliver cost savings and time saving
  • Permission based settings protect patient confidentiality and predetermine who can view records in the transfer process
  • Patients can log in over the Internet and view their PHRs
  • VEMR will continue to operate during a power outage or in spite of a poor Internet connection

Every healthcare professional and medical practice can benefit from VEMR. Contact us today for more details on how to integrate VEMR into your practice.