What is VInsurance?

VInsurance enables insurers to audit the VEMR of individual patients and doctors in accordance with pre-authorized access privileges

What can VInsurance do?

  • Provide healthcare insights for each patient
  • Insurance companies gain secure tracked access to VDoctor™
  • With pre-authorized access privileges insurance companies can audit the VEMRs of individual patients and doctors
  • The integrity of the VEMR will be maintained - insurance companies will not be able to make any changes to the VEMRs
  • VInsurance will keep a record of all VEMRs viewed by an insurance company
  • Insurance companies can directly message doctors, pharmacies and labs about changes in policies
  • Includes bulletin boards and other insurance policy resources for doctors, hospital, labs and pharmacists
  • Can provide individual customization for web-based claims
  • SMS allows claim beneficiaries to learn when their claims have been processed and paid

What are the benefits of VInsurance?

  • Reduces insurance fraud
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Improves the speed and quality of insurance investigations
  • Provides insurance companies with the most current and up to date patient healthcare information
  • Improves compliance with medical procedures
  • Simplifies communication between insurance companies and claimants

Insurance fraud amounts to billions lost every year. Contact us today to find out how VInsurance can help your insurance company reduce insurance fraud, improve the speed and quality of insurance investigations and simplify the communication between the insurance companies and claimants.