What is VLabs?

The Vlabs module allows doctors to send requisitions electronically for tests and diagnostics directly to the labs over our private, secure network. VLabs seamlessly integrates with VDoctor™, VEMR, VMonitor, and VMedicine for a comprehensive healthcare management system.

What can VLabs do?

  • Requisitions for lab work are sent directly to the lab electronically
  • Results of lab work can be uploaded directly into the patien's health record
  • Doctors will be notified when the results of lab work are available and uploaded to the patient's health record
  • Labs and doctors can communicate electronically on our private, secure mobile network
  • Any reports - blood work, x-rays, ultrasound, etc. - can be encrypted and transmitted securely on our protected, private network

What are the benefits of VLabs?

  • The time to sort, archive, and retrieve an electronic lab report was 87% faster than that of paper report and 50% faster than that of scanned report. Canada Health Infoway
  • Electronic reports allow doctors to read reports remotely
  • Ease of sharing reports
  • Reduced likelihood of misplaced reports and subsequent repeat testing
  • Eco-friendly

VLabs is an exciting innovation using mobile technology to allow doctors to electronically requisition lab work in addition to greatly improving how doctors and lab communicate. Contact us today to find out how VLabs can greatly improve the efficiencies in your practice in addition to saving you time and money.