What is VPharma?

VPharma is a software messaging system for pharmacies that enables prescription fulfillment and allows pharmacists to communicate effectively and efficiently with their customers.

What can VPharma do?

  • Maintains a record of a customer's prescription medication in addition to OTC (over the counter) drugs
  • Lets a customer know when they are out of refills
  • Sends reminders to customers when prescriptions are due to be refilled
  • Sends bulk messages to groups of customers
  • Lets a customer know if a new prescription may have a contraindication with another medication that they are taking

What are the benefits of VPharma?

  • Affordable
  • Low cost implementation
  • Easy to use
  • Access is restricted and controlled; data is secure
  • VEMR can communicate directly with VPharma seamlessly enabling the secure and efficient transmission of prescriptions directly from the doctor to VPharma users electronically without the use of old style FAX transmissions
  • VPharma is a secure system of prescription fulfillment and customer communication
  • Less opportunity for error
  • Is accessible from anywhere, 24/7
  • VPharma will continue to operate during a power outage or in spite of a poor Internet connection

If you are an independent pharmacy or hospital pharmacy you should be using VPharma, the state of the art prescription fulfillment and customer communication system. Utilizing mobile access to the Internet, it renders landlines and landline connections to the Internet obsolete. Contact us today and take your first step into the future of healthcare communications.